3DO FZ1 Motherboard Problems

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3DO FZ1 Motherboard Problems

Post by UncleWill » Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:24 am

So, I should have posted on here WAY before doing anything. 20/20 hindsight now...

My beloved FZ1 developed a problems where it would boot up and emit a harsh wining sound. Terrible thing to hear. Anyways, that was all it would do. Sometimes the 3DO logo would come up, other times nothing. After reading on the web, the capacitors seemed to be the most likely problem. Immediately I set to work and bought replacement caps from RadioShack. After trying to place a couple in, I realized it was a much larger job and needed an expert. We took it to a repair shop with instructions on how to replace everything.

Unfortunately, the repairs did not work. Now there is no noise on the boot but no logo either. Not sure what to do. Any ideas??? I was thinking of putting the motherboard in the dishwasher in case the board was a victim of leaky caps. (I did this with a Macintosh Classic and it worked!). Anyone on here specialize with fixing these? Maybe somebody has a spare 3DO with a bad CD drive??? Mine still worked around the time of the failure.

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Re: 3DO FZ1 Motherboard Problems

Post by Mattack » Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:08 am

I had the same problem (the harsh sound on booting up, and failing to start). I will say this problem eventually disappeared after changing out the three capacitors as has been noted. The first time I did it though it did not work for some reason. I took them out and re-soldered in three new ones (maybe the connections were bad or shorting out?)

I think it may be worth trying that solution again. I am not sure about rinsing the motherboard, but if you're comfortable with it......

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