Launched my 3DO M2 YouTube Series! Tons of content!

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Launched my 3DO M2 YouTube Series! Tons of content!

Post by awbacon » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:04 pm

Hey all, ... tx2NIkCvUg

I've been working on getting this off the ground for awhile now, and today is launch day. For the next ten weeks or so I will be releasing weekly videos on the M2 hardware, including all five Konami games, kiosk software, M2 hardware, and a bunch of other stuff.

Videos will be on all five Konami M2 games, the cirrus logic m2 card, kiosk and software, D2 translation and restoration efforts, etc etc

After that I will have a second "season" dedicated to a new topic. The entire channel will be dedicated to rare / obscure / overlooked games and hardware.

So check it out if you like! Please sub too so I can get to 100 subs and get rid of that annoying channel link that is just a mess of letters and numbers

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