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Game Bugs

Post by 3DO Experience » Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:25 am

Brain Dead 13

Game bug:
The initial version of this game did not allow the Vivi's Funeral Salon section to be completed correctly. A version 1.1 disc was made available by ReadySoft that fixed this problem.

To convert your first release disc into a 1.1 version, make an iso of the CD and use this program to patch it. Then burn and play.


File manager bug:
The game's file manager may lock up when attempting to scroll down the list of saved games. The system will have to be reset, causing the loss of everything accomplished in the current session.

Save game bug:
The game keeps track of everything that was changed as it is played. As more of the house is explored more things are changed, which results in a larger save game file. After over 80% of the maps are explored, the size of save game file can actually exceed the 16K limit of the 3DO nvRAM. At this point, only one save game can be present. This is a design flaw from the original Saturn version from which the 3DO version was based. When quitting the game, the file will be lost instead of being saved. Since there is no warning when a save is made, everything appears to be normal.

Use the The 3DO Game Guru to compress all save game files that can not be deleted. Before saving, use the "Storage" option to check how much nvRAM is used and available. Exit the "Storage" option (without scrolling) and save the current session. Use the "Storage" option to verify that the nvRAM numbers have changed. If the save was successful, the bytes available should decrease and the bytes used should increase.


Game bug:
Early model Goldstar 3DO consoles cannot load the large file that contains the opening FMV. The game cannot be played on these specific machines.


Save game bug:
The 3DO Memory Manager will lock up or reset when deleting the saved game file named "DOOM.PREFS". It will also be unable to display any files below this file. The file may be deleted by using a memory manager.


Save game bug:
The manual is incorrect when it states that the game will be saved after defeating each boss. The only way to save the game is to obtain a Video Tape.

The Horde

Save game bug:
The original release of The Horde erased all save files from other titles. This occurred whenever a game from The Horde was saved. An updated version of the game has since been released by Crystal Dynamics. To determine if a disc is the updated version, look in the lower right corner under the Crystal Dynamics text. If the letters "RCB" appear underneath the "61030-C" code, then the disc contains the updated code.

Game bug:
The FMV sequences are not compatible with Goldstar model 3DO machines. The bug may be limited to early production Goldstar 3DO systems which could not handle CD-ROM file sizes over a certain length.

The Incredible Machine

Game bug:
Although the goals of some puzzles are accomplished, the game will not proceed to the puzzle completed screen. An example of this bug may be found in Level 43: Mouse Dance, Level 71: Double Trouble, and Level 73: Eightball In The Side Pocket

Killing Time

Game bug:
When entering an area you have already explored, occasionally the map will show that you have covered 0% of the area, even though you have. Sometimes exiting the map and entering it a second time will restore the percentage.

A corrected version of the game was released by The 3DO Company.
Thanks to awbacon.

Save game bug:
The original release of this title may corrupt the save game. This occurs when the game is loading a new section of the mansion and your character moves back into the old section of the mansion and/or walks against one of the walls. Then, multicolored textured polygons may appear from random spots on the sides and top of the screen and stretch to the vanishing point in the center of the screen. These stretched polygons may even completely obscure the screen. If the game is saved while the polygon bug is in effect, it will be retained in the save game. Some corrupted save games may lock up the game when loaded.

If you stop moving when a new section of the mansion is being loaded, the bug will not occur. As an added precaution, use multiple saved games.

A corrected version of the game was released by The 3DO Company. Another solution to the problem is to use the option to fix the corrupted file available on the The 3DO Game Guru list of Killing Time items.

Panzer General

Game bug:
A bug in the 3DO version prevents the game from progressing to Washington when a major victory is achieved in Sealion 43. However, the game will allow access to Washington through Sealion 40.

Save Game bug:
A save game can only exist with three other game saves (you can only have three other games saved in order to save one game of Panzer General). SSI has announced no plans to fix this, and contends that because the save game will become very large as the game progresses, there will be no room for any other games.


Save game bug:
The save game file can become corrupt on levels where Blob aliens have been killed (Shuttle, Power Plant, Pompous Tartar, and Aclogo). Keep multiple save games and avoid saving after shooting a Blob.

Game bug:
Older model Goldstar 3DO systems will crash when loading certain levels. Use the "Level skip" code to advance past them. An updated version of the game that did have this problem was eventually released by Any Channel, the game's developer.

Seal Of The Pharoah

Game bug:
In later levels, opening the diary will display the game over video. If this happens, moving the D-Pad will redisplay the correct location.

Shockwave 2: Beyond The Gate

Game bug:
A bug in the game prevent players from winning the Hovercraft and Fighter simulator missions.

Space Hulk

Game bug:
The PAL console can randomly freeze when a "gene stealer" gets too close.
Thanks to PowerPie5000.