Phantasy Star Oline censorhip pwns

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Phantasy Star Oline censorhip pwns

Post by UnholyTancred » Fri Jul 27, 2007 8:56 am

My buddies and I recently started playing Phantasy Star Online on the PC on a private server. Just about 2 hours ago only one of my buddies and I were playing and one of us typed in a weird word and it came up censored. So for the last 2 hours instead of leveling up we've been trying to find words that are censored.

I tried Googling a list for a complete list of censored words but I failed. I did find an article with a guy from Sega that said that "hoes" was censored and as a result "shoes" was censored as well.

On a forum I came across a post of a dude complaining that "turd" was censored so Saturday turned into Sa#$^#ay

Pork, apparently is censored as well.

But my buddy and I came up with the top 3 words that are censored.

3. Blow. Of all things. Blow is censored. The wind is blowing. No you can't say that. You can say footjob or handjob but you can't say blow.

2. Cojones. This is hysterical. Testicles, balls, , etc are allowed but cojones... of all things WHY COJONES?!?

1. Here it is... the best one. Glans. I still can't believe this. Of all the words to censor they chose glans. This is amazing.
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