evilBay... éBay... ePay whatever it's called...

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evilBay... éBay... ePay whatever it's called...

Post by NeoGeoNinja » Wed Aug 28, 2013 12:16 pm

Although evilBay is a great substitution for éBay, I was thinking of a more sour take on it personally like:

éBay = replaced by: Flip4Profit.com

Especially entertaining when individuals come by to try and quickly sell their items in the tried and tested:

"Hi all :) . Thought these items might be of interest to you guys :P . Here is a link to my Flip4Profit.com auctions - as I don't want to sell to you directly, because I want more money than you'll willingly offer for them :wink: . So feel free to bid, and overpay for them instead :mrgreen: . As predicted, I will be aiding my own devices by shilling from an unknown location, out of town, in the few remaining minutes of the auction 8) . These will definitely be selling for massively unreasonable amounts of money, all thanks to me and Flip4Profit.com :lol: . Thanks in advance... guys :D "


What do you think guys? Guys?? Guys?! Guuuuuuuyss!!!

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