Just something i wanted to share about Ken of Grip It.

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Just something i wanted to share about Ken of Grip It.

Post by Anonymous » Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:41 pm

I dont know if you guys know of this product, but Grip-It is the absolute best rubber/silicone grip for modern analogue stick controllers out there. It fits really snug, is really grippy, and the only grip ive found so far that fits well on the thin alu grips from modsticks.com.

I recently placed an order, and Ken handled it, and because my grips were sent 2 weeks after i actually placed it (due to a new production run they missed to inform me of), he was kind enough to through in an extra pair for the inconvenience. I didnt require that but appreciated the gesture.

Today i emailed him again about getting more grip its, and sort out a miss match in colour, since he actually sent me 3 of each colour, giving the third pair a miss match. Judge by my surprise, when instead the owner of Grip it returned my email explaining that Ken had passed away last week. I wanted to give some sign of respect to an unknown guy who really has made my gaming experience on recent consoles much more pleasurable, given my handsweat and oily skin.

My condolences goes to Kenny Royer II's family, friends and Kawika, the owner of Grip It's.

https://www.cagclan.com/featured-articl ... ip-it-dies

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