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Why you should never talk to the police

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:00 pm
by sneth

Just watched this again, and felt I should spread the word. If you live in the US, it's a must watch. if you live might help as well.

It's long a 45 minutes, but the first 28minutes are the best.

If you are successful, nothing is more dangerous than the average citizen.

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:29 pm
by Lemmi
heh i watched all those type of videos about 4 months ago

i already never speak to them

my neighbor called the cops on me 25+ times in 4 years, and the last 20 times i stopped answering the door, and the last few times ive yelled i know who called you, now go away

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:25 pm
by 3DO Experience
That is some scary sh*t !

Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:16 pm
by Anonymous
They are called law "ENFORCEMENT" for a reason people. Never talk to them. Always ask "am i being detained or am i free to go?", if they stop you for whatever reason without actually putting cuffs or something on you, and try to prolong things by getting into a discussion with you. Or just say nothing and look straight forward or past them. Thats what i do.

I was more depressed than usual 5 years ago and got into scuffs with the police during suicide attempts. I got convicted of assaulting an officer, attempt to assault an officer and violently resisting apprehension (NOT ARREST, i have never been arrested). I made the mistake of talking to them. The fact i was under medication that makes 10% of the users more agressive plus my medical history gave a lenient sentencing i believe considering i couldve gone to jail over it. Never been violent outside these occasions. Basically they came with a doctor to bring me to a psychiatric ward because medical personel i was talking with at the time feared id harm myself. Being taken from the one place you feel safe, your home, can make anyone desperate. I ended up with fines and 2 years probation (which is mandatory if you dont go to jail over violent crime).

Ever since then, they like pulling me over for BS reasons like sobriety tests (i think 18 times in the past 4 years since they found out what car i was driving). I went and made it into a joke, and put a big ACAB decal on my rear window and that certainly proved my point. They still pull me over. But i say nothing, i comply with their sobriety test and just gloat in that they prove me right every time.. Sometimes they even almost admit the true reason why they pull me over. Asking what ACAB means, or if i know why they "really" pull be over. Crap like that. One even got so upset he forgot to give me back my driver's license. Had to call the police station to have him come back and return it to me. Not a word. His colleague had to do it. That was pretty fun.

Might be childish behaviour with that decal, but since they lied to my uncle (who was there) and told him no one would press charges under the circumstances, im not gonna play nice with the police and just put up with the harassment.

There might be a decent copper out there, but i have yet to meet one, and as i said, if they suspect you of a crime, or you inadvertently say something, they WILL enforce the law on you. Its what they do.

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 5:11 am
by mikemacdee
man this was really fascinating and enlightening. thanks for sharing!

'course now i'm paranoid about talking to the police about as little as a traffic ticket.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:45 am
by 3DO Experience
Well this came in handy. A friend and I went out for dinner and we were pulled over before even getting halfway there. It wasn't a big surprise as his inspection has been expired for a few weeks but what was a surprise was the officer who kept saying he smelt alcohol in the car.
Well my friend was asked to step out so he can see if it was just the car or him. I could hear him outside say, "I can still smell it on you". Now I will admit his car does have an odd smell to it, one should never have two different air freasheners at the same time, but the cop got out the breathalyzer and I figure this will end it and we can go eat. But no, dispite not drinking at all he failed. That pig of a cop faked the damn test. Soon enough he was in cuffs and I was asked to get out.
By this point another cop had pulled up, I was told he was being taken in and i was asked if I had been drinking and if I have "anything I shouldn't" on me. I told him no to drinking and was about to say no to the second question and then I remembered this horrifying video so I said, "I'd like to speak to my attorney before saying anything more".
He didn't like that and badgered me for several minutes before having me putting my hands on the trunk and searching me. He took all but my change and I had pills on me three of which were prescriptions. I also had a little Excedrine tin with 4 in it, he asked me if that's what they were and I answered "generic", the rest of his questions I stayed silent but for some like, "you have a prescription for these?" I gave him a look like 'yeah'. Maybe I shouldn't have.
Well because I wasn't saying anything and I had pills on me, more the first, they took me in for questioning... RAT BASTARDS!

They put me in a separate car and I got there stuck me in a room even though I already told them I wanted my attorney (I didn't have one BTW). They kept asking me questions (changing details ever so slighty, i assume to get me to correct them and start talking) and I kept telling them the attorney line, they even said they could arrest me for having controlled substances on me not in their original container. They claimed that they brought me in because I had no proof that they were prescribed to me. That's when I got nervous. I had 5 kind of pills on me, Zomig, Propranolol, K-Dur (that's potassium) which I have Rx for and then the Excedrine and Milk Thistle which has no markings as it's just herbal. Actually I also had a Syntharoid on me as well but they never noticed it.

I've seen enough lawyer commercials to remember one of the telephone gingles and was ready to call as soon as they would let me... they didn't. They let me go. I got the f*ck outta there. They never processed me or anything, they gave me all my possessions back and told me to keep my pills in their bottles from now on. Then I finally said something that wasn't a repeat from the past five hours or so, I asked if I could just peel the Rx labels off and keep them in my pocket, they said no.

Now I am back home, relieved to tell you that not saying anything works and I didn't end up in jail even for a night. My pal on the other hand is still there due to the crooked cops. And I found out why they let me go with all those pills, I looked them up and none of them are considered controlled substances! They had nothing on me! B*tches! That also explains why I was never booked or read Miranda rights. I hate cops, why can't they just protect people instead of harassing passengers in a car. Oh here's another thing while looking at the pills he pulled out an iPhone and looked up the Propranolol & K-Dur so he would have known they weren't controlled substances! And he didn't even look at the printing on the foil that the two Zomigs were in. He ignored them once he saw they were sealed. So they probably brought me in for no reason other than harass me for being silent!!!

I would think they would hold me until I could prove they were prescribed to me but since they let me go it seems that it's not against any law. There are so many I just can't read them to find out. I don't know what kind of trouble I would have gotten in if I had talked, I would have answered yes when asked if any of them were controlled substances because I thought if I needed an Rx to get them than that's what they would be. Maybe they would have let me go right there or maybe I would have been jailed for "admitting" to having controlled substances dispite not knowing any better. Since there dirty pr*cks busted a friend of mine with false charges I probably made the right choice.

Thanks sneth.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:31 pm
by Trev
Wow! :shock:

Ok, I'm finally gonna watch the vid after hearing your story.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:34 pm
by Anonymous
Arnt controlled substances a different term for illegal substances though? As in a prescription drug not being a controlled substance? Im not sure..

What i am sure of is that without exception, the police ARE bullies, and control freaks. Its a requirement to be able to do the job of modern law enforcement. Thats what its about, ENFORCING the law. its not about serving or protecting. Thats other jobs, like firemen, nurses etc.. They serve and protect. A law enforcer enforces the law. And you gotta want to be ontop of other people to do that, you want the special treatment it grants you, you want that power.

Some policemen/women are just more civilized than others to not do things they've done to me, or did to 3DO Experience, and countless others, but they ARE all bullies, remember that.

Everytime i see a policecar i get upset, and watch extra carefully in the rear view mirror to see if they follow me, or turn around to follow me, both which happens often enough to warrant me having a closer look. I got pulled over for sobriety tests 9 times in 1 year. I asked what prompted those tests every time. Half the time they say "oh you dont know?", the other times its the lie of routine stops.. Yeah, the likelyhood of 9 stops for one person in one year really sounds plausible, not. I got pulled over while driving my cat to the vet about 2 weeks ago. I saw the policemen at a cross-section out of their car, and how they hurried away from it as i stopped by the stop sign. True enough, 1 minute or so later they were right up my ass and 2-3 minutes later the lights came on. I pulled over, the cop came up and asked if ACAB was a company of some sort. I told him "thats for you to think about" and looked straight ahead after having blown into the alcohol-meter thing. He said "oh i see", asked if i had paid my insurance, to which i answered "you know i have", so he went to his car and checked my license. came back a minute later and said "have a lovely day" with a grin on his face, and i took off without a word.

It just shows that as soon as you either know your right, have history with cops, or they know you dont like them, they just gotta be on your case at every given opportunity. Cops are bullies, thats the only explination.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 9:06 pm
by Austin
Sorry to hear about what happened, 3DOexp. It sounds like it was a horrible night. I have heard of crooked police activity, but rarely have I heard of it from people I speak to personally. :(
Trev wrote:Ok, I'm finally gonna watch the vid after hearing your story.
Yeah, me too. :shock:

Only a tiny bit unrelated, when driving to work today I was getting agitated just thinking about a road I have to drive down to get there. Often times there are cops on the side using speed detectors. When they nail you, they walk out into the road and pull you over. You know, that's fine. Monitor my speed, as long as I can see you. The problem is, they have become sneaky about it lately and hide behind trees so you can't see them until it's too late. While they probably high-five each other on every hit, what they fail to see is that they are creating an environment of fear, as opposed to a comfortable area to live. The police should be for the people first and foremost, not against them. Activity like this makes me feel like they lean more towards the later.

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:56 pm
by Trev
Took some time to finally watch the vid. I enjoyed it, and the teacher/lawyer was a very good and entertaining speaker.

After I finished watching it, I started watching some of the suggested vids that pop up on ths side. A few hours later I forced myself to stop wasting my day watching stuff that only maeks my blood pressure spike.

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 12:19 am
by Anonymous
Welcome to the reality of law enforcement!

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:43 pm
by Lemmi
well its been about a year but my neighbor called the cops on me again

this time for breaking the top off of her small bushes, she says she has me on video doing it, so i said to her ok prove it then, call the cops hand them the tape and take me to small claims court, she shut up right there and went inside

so im waiting outside on my porch and so is she, i yelled over i dont even think your stupid video equipment works, then i see the cop car comming down the street, i get up and yell over enjoy your talk and i went inside the house and didnt answer the door

the thing is i have never touched anything on her property and we have had high winds the past week, she just likes making things up to cause problems

things ive done to her = swearing

things done to me = getting silver paint on my new 1 day old white privacy fence (i called the cops and she told them she can do whatever she wants and the cop asked "miss do you need to go to the hospital?" then she stopped talking, her ex-husband throwing a hammer though my kitchen window, spray painting GOD in big green letters on the side of her yellow house (which i have pictures of), smacking me in the face, throwing snow on my driveway from her grass (she shovels her front yard grass and pushes it onto my driveway)

between the houses there is a metal fence where i pile up the snow away from my side door, she hates that (because her foundation is cracked)and called the cops i didnt answer the door but i took pictures of the cops kicking the snow back toward my house, so i called the cops supervisor and they had to come back and put the snow back where it was

then she got her son to talk to me once and i had a talk with him and told him you better visit more because she is losing her mind, and everyone knows in the neighborhood why you left the house at 17

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:36 am
by mikemacdee
3DO Experience wrote:why can't they just protect people instead of harassing passengers in a car.
Your story sounds like a case of "arresting people on bogus charges to raise the department's arrest records and thus justify the large number of officers on staff." I've heard about this sort of bullshit before.

I don't inherently hate the police though -- I never had any trouble with them. Some cops are crooked and some aren't.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:27 am
by sneth
The law and the legal system is scary when it comes to serious crimes.

Despite what TV and movies portray, you can be convicted of murder without:
the weapon
a motive
probable cause
cause of death
physical evidence
and no witnesses

Just like in the video, the police just have to put some small coincidence or circumstantial case together. Then convince a jury, which isn't that hard to do. Average people are idiots.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:20 am
by Anonymous
Its good that not every system has ordinary citizens as jury. In sweden we dont, and the courts are less of a theatrical display because of it. No need for lawyers and prosecuters to be actors when its the facts and not charisma that plays the major part. on the other hand, parts of the court are politicians basically, so they could be biased if they know of your political preferences. But i think its still better than a jury of your peers, since most people are stupid, easily influenced and prejudice.

So i dunno about your last post sneth, it depends on the legal system itself i think. If a jury is used, ill buy most of your points though. If not, i dont.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:25 pm
by 3DO Experience
I always hear about the cops doing so much here but the few times I've had to call them they have never shown up. There was one time, right in front of my work, a woman jumped out of a moving car with her little girl (no older than 8 or 9) and ran down the street. The guy pulled over and started chasing her on foot. When one of my co-workers ran over to her the guy ran back to his car and got a baseball bat. (The woman also claimed he had a gun.) My co-worker got them in his truck an sped off. Another co-worker called 911 during this, the cops never showed. I thought maybe the other co-worker took her to the police station, nope she had him take her to a friend's house. The police simply couldn't be bothered.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:30 pm
by sneth
to defend the police a little, 95% of their day is dealing with hoodlums. I'm sure after many years, it wears on you as a person to see pathetic crimes over and over.

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:33 pm
by Trev
sneth wrote:to defend the police a little, 95% of their day is dealing with hoodlums. I'm sure after many years, it wears on you as a person to see pathetic crimes over and over.

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 11:05 am
by Anonymous
I disagree. The police has too much power, especially the right to use deadly force, to be allowed to be "ordinary" people when it comes to complacency and indifference or falling into judging people by stereotype or looks. It doesnt matter if the "profile" fits or not, you dont treat a person this way simply because you meet many "hoodlums" in your workday. You are supposed to be better than that as part of the police force. Police go through psychological profiling AND education, to be beyond that. Yet it never shows in the field. Police almost always a bully, question is if they might not bully you untill you give them a reason. I dont think a person who could never bully another person even could work as a police man/woman. Its like a prerequisite for the armed forces and police forces.

As a side note, a former police chief in sweden, and former head of the swedish police acadamy at that, known for being pro gender equality within the police force and stamp out sexist behaviour amongst the police, and society in general, was recently (a year or to ago?) convicted and jailed for repeated sex offenses including pimping, buying sex from prostitutes and related sexual crimes. One of the charges included buying/forcing sex from a minor, but apparently that did not stick. This shows police even very high up the ladder are crooks too. And often the higher up the worse they are. You can easily confirm this particular case using google. It was covered by international media. His name is Göran Lindberg.