Modern "Spy Hunter" (Peter Gunn) Theme

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Modern "Spy Hunter" (Peter Gunn) Theme

Post by Austin » Sat Sep 24, 2011 9:05 am

Not sure how many of you heard this when this was new (circa 2002-2003ish), but here is the modern "Spy Hunter" theme (aka, the Peter Gunn Theme). It was remixed by Saliva and is actually pretty sweet today. I've included a YouTube link to the instrumental, which was originally included (along with a vocal version) on a special disc for select PS2 versions of Spy Hunter. I personally still have the original disc, which I've actually doubled with my "Every Six Seconds" album by Saliva (an album I keep around more or less for the remix, as well as for the time where I was really into more vocal-oriented music at that time period).

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