The CD-i Toothbrush

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The CD-i Toothbrush

Post by Vance » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:54 am

Using the woman's toothbrush, one of those vibrating or spinning things. It feels like I'm actually at the dentist's office.

ME: This is a good (edited to protect the tender sensibilities of manchildren)ing toothbrush.

HER: It should be. It cost $150.

ME: ...whut?

HER: I put a ton of money into my teeth. My dentist recommended it, and it was practically just another drop in the bucket.

(She designs bridges. I'm currently on the dole after losing nearly all my money on that stupid business.)

ME: Is there a button here that activates the hidden rocket launcher?

HER: Cute.

ME: Or a flamethrower. That would do. I don't want to be greedy here.

HER: You know, a flamethrower WOULD be handy.

ME: I've got it. There's a pen attachment on the bottom, but like a magic pen. Like you draw a cow, THE COW COMES TO LIFE.

HER: Okay, I get it.

ME: Wait, this thing is made by the CD-i people!

HER: ...what?

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Post by 3DO Experience » Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:56 am

"Wait. You don't have a bag of charcoal in your gaming room???"

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