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Atari Lynx Lemmings

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:04 am
by Jones
...has anyone ever seen the end credits shown when you win the game?
Obviously those guys still had some kilobytes left on the cartridge. ;)


you've completed
l e m m i n g s
everyone here at dma
design salutes you as a
master lemmings player
not many people will
complete the mayhem
levels. you are
definately one of the

brian watson (biscuit)

graphics conversion by
mike dailly
gary timmons
scott johnston

level editor by
steve hammond

(using amos which was
an atomic-size

original music by
tim wright
brian johnston

lynx music
tony williams

additional graphics
jamie grant

levels themselves were
converted by

john harris
john delayney

psygnosis/atari liason
greg duddle
graham stafford
john skruch

mike clarke
gray mercer
craig duddle
faran thomason
sean patten

original concept
dma design

tea boy
mike dailly
scott johnston
russel kay

sprite generator
mark ireland

Electricty supplied by
scottish power which
was originally
contained in a big
hydro-electric dam
which was powered by
water that got its
energy from the sun
and so on and so forth
right back to the very
beginnings of the universe

and now the traditional
scrolly message things.

the following items
were consumed during
the making of lynx

520 cans of coke
200 bags of crisps
108 custom built sandwhiches
300 cups of tea
64 tracker bars
1 fruesli bar (blech!)

and a lot irreplacable
fossil fuels

and the following equipment
used in the course of the project;

900 gallons rocket fuel
1 teleporter
4 hard disks
set of spanners
nicam tv set
15 amigas
22 pcs
desk lamp
paintball guns
farside calendar
amos compiler
blank disks
too much paper
cranky old amstad printer
satellite system
screen blanker
star trek video
tayside buses
welding kit
soldering iron
circular saw
30 rolls wallpaper
bucket and spade
power sander
hover mower
paint strpper
particle gun
cold fusion reactor
comic rays
digital thermometer
lemon curd sandwhich
microwave oven
jar of loose change
business card
vacuum cleaner
stickey backed plastic

with invented assistance
from the following people
and places.

cern synchrotron
hubble space telescope
jodrell bank
corner shop
cray research
edinburgh zoo
starbase 47

not forgetting the
hinderances from these;

road works
network crashes
solor storms
ozon depletion
chocolate cake
tidal wave
disk errors
blocked drains
coffee perculator

are we clear yet?
anybody listening?
important message

we're going for the
record now.. What's the
largest scrolly mesage
ever seen on a game cartridge?
no idea? miniscule, thats what.

we at dma design in our shiny green office
building are attempting 40k worth of message.
pointless, futile, mesage. thats 40960 characters.
we even employ someone purely to write these scrolly
mesages. we have more text.

and then some!!!!!!
speaking of characters,
there were some very
strange ones involved
in creating the game. I
myself am a member of the
the guild of scrolly
message writers, not
the everyday messages
that get flung around
on demos but a bona
fide scrolly embedded on
a rom cartridge. few are
qualified to reach this
level of expertise. if you
wish to do this youself
there are special night
classes you can attend. you
just have to know where to
find them.

thanks go especially to the
sandwich ladies and the
chocolate cake that caused me
so much trauma trying to
slim down..

so anyway, in several
thousand years time
some archeologist is
going to dig up this
cartridge. i may as
well explain a few things
about 1993

first of all the
location of atlantis.
it is in fact in the
tay estuary just next
to dundee, scoTland

that fact alone explains
why atlantis has remained
so quiet over the years.
who could take them seriously
nowdays with the thiCk highland
accent and a claymore

come to think of it, wielding a claymore in
front of people does tend to make them take you
seriously. so why did atlatis sink?
it was the constant rainfall that did it.

I may as well tell you
that the scrolly
message classes are
held at the following

the university
1 south underwater st
west 15

enclose around 20 quids
worth of stamps for all

and now vampires.
are you one of the
legions of the undead?
does the sun make you
peel until there is
nothing left? do
hordes of irate locals
armed with sunbeds try
to ruin your night?

if the answer to any of
the above questions is
a resounding yes then
you really have got problems
I suppose in
that case you'll have
been playing lemmings
in the middle of a
transylvanian castle
in the basement.
in that case, make sure
you've got plenty of

can't leave out aliens:
why would anyone wish to
leave aliens out of a scolly
message (a note for the
pedantic: under no cimcumstances
is a message text called a scolling
message, it is always a called a scolly )

so anyway: aliens. we
are of course talking
about the suckers that
come from space and not
the ones that try sneak
in you're country when
you're not looking.

I am confident that no-one
at dma design has in fact
been abducted by aliens
although several of them may
actually be aliens themselves.
have you ever seen whitley
strieber's communion?
if so then i can give
the true explanation.
the alien is large, white, bald and has enormous
eyes. now consider what michael
jackson is doing to himself, and
it will instantly become clear that this is what
michael will look like in several hundred years.
considering his reputation for eccentricity and
his vast wealth i have no doubt that
he will fund a time machine and go back to the
eighties and pretend to be from outer space. or not.

a word about piracy.
yes, even cartidges
can be copied. it's
not very nice is it?
if you do try it then the
jokes on you. inserted
into this text is a
powerful magical spell
to shred the very soul
of evil nasty people who
would take away our livelihood.

nasty pirate
go way.
you'll never live,
to see the day,
when evil triumphs
over light,
'cos we all think
you're full of

zzzt * software
failure there* mmm,
never mind. on with
the next topic. the
pentagram graphics
should take care of
it anyway.

7k of message!
ah we never quite
got to 40K but I think
it is still enough
to count.

i think it's a...
world record
for a console cartridge.

until next time
a little message from
the programmer.

enjoy your lynx. it is
the best of all of the
hand held portable machines.
only with your support can
we produce software for this
lovely little piece of
hardware with a goal
keeping the machine alive and kicking

well i may not have plans
to do anything in the immediate
future on the lynx, but if it is still around in a few
years maybe I'll do lemmings ii on it.

then again maybe not
i suppose i would have to
be mad to attempt it but then
again anyone who attempts a major
programming feat using a 6502 must be mad
but don't forget the lovely hardware
this little machine can do more to the
display than an amiga
can thanks to rj mical and his team
for being insane enough to design such
a nice piece of hardware and having the foresight
to produce their development software on the amiga
maybe it's because they
had something to do with that as well?


Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 2:11 pm
by Trev
How long did it take you to type all this? :lol:

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:04 pm
by Calavera
Trev wrote:How long did it take you to type all this? :lol:
ha thats what I was thinking too, must have been pretty hard to copy all this from the lynx as it was scrolling, unless you used an emulator :shock:

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:07 pm
by Jones
Copy & Paste.


Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:20 am
by 3DO Experience
Twice I have tried to read this and twice I have to leave. Damn this thing is long... third time's a charm.

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:31 pm
by acem77
great find,

I know gex had an extened credit roll when you found all the remotes.
I also thought super burn out on the jag did may have been atari karts
been so loong since i beat those.

can any one think of other games that did some thing like that?

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 10:29 pm
by Austin
acem77 wrote:I also thought super burn out on the jag did may have been atari karts
No, you are correct, Super Burnout indeed has its extended (humorous) credits. :)

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:34 am
by 3DO Experience
Wow, finally read it all. It's nice to see RJ Mical listed in there, maybe with a little luck he'll be reading this thread.

Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:01 am
by Trev
Austin wrote:
acem77 wrote:I also thought super burn out on the jag did may have been atari karts
No, you are correct, Super Burnout indeed has its extended (humorous) credits. :)
Gives me an excuse to play one of my favorite Jag games.