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FreeDO with hardware graphics acceleration

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:39 am
by JohnnyDude
I have been allying with with Google translate and browsing some of the Russian forums. Altmer at some point passed a remarkable barrier with a proof-of-concept in his version of FreeDO.

Has anybody else looked at these screenshots?;

Here's a copy of one:

Notice the resolution of the image, It's far beyond 320x240. In fact, these scenes are rendered with real polygons. This is similar to to remakes of Doom that use OpenGL rather than the game's original software rendering, like Doom Legacy. As for 3DO emulation, I think this is the holy grail. This would significantly improve any game that relied on 3D graphics. Of course, all those games relying on video or sprite graphics simply wouldn't receive any benefit.

These screenshots were from over a year and a half ago, though. I've pinged Altmer, and apparently he's still working on FreeDO (which is great news!). I'm intensely hoping that he allows me to help out, since 4DO is based off a version of the FreeDO code that definitely doesn't include improvements like these.

I can't find a version of FreeDO that includes these improvements though. Is there a version floating around out there that I can't find?

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:21 am
by BryWI
That is impressive. I don't think that was included in the 2.1 alpha that was on Altmer's site. I would love to see that in 4DO.

PS. I edited my post in your other thread with my findings on your emu.

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:01 am
by 3DO Experience
Wow. Imagine this running on an X-Box.

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:13 am
by Austin
3DO Experience wrote:Wow. Imagine this running on an X-Box.
I would be curious if the XBOX can handle a 3DO emulator. I know it can do PSX emulators fine.. Ah.. I hope there's a day where we all find out! :D

Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:58 am
by 3DO Experience
FreeDO ran on it, or at least that's what was said in the forum.

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:31 am
by Calavera
I had a russian version of FreeDO that had that option. It slows it down a bit if iI remember correctly.

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:17 am
by JohnnyDude
Well, I've found that FreeDO 2.1a has "expande resulution". This renders things to 640x480. I don't really know if it's doing hardware acceleration either (I doubt it).

Calavera, is the version you're referring to a different one with other options?