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Virtual Cameraman games are getting translated (technical help needed)

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:08 pm
by goldenband
Psyklax at is translating all five of the Virtual Cameraman games:

He's made rapid progress but is running into a couple of technical issues, including the question of how to digitally sign the disc after it's been altered. I'm sure any help would be appreciated!

Psyklax is an experienced translator who's done a lot of good work on early Famicom games, so I encourage all of us to do whatever we can to support this effort. :) Yes, the Virtual Cameraman games are adult games, but their relative simplicity makes them a good first project.

This could be a big second step (Dr. Hauzer being the first) in making the Japanese 3DO library more accessible, and kicking the 3DO fan-translation scene into a higher gear!