Killing Time (PC) re-released on!

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Killing Time (PC) re-released on!

Post by Arjak » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:54 pm

I haven't seen anyone mention this yet, so I might as well break the news. The PC version of Killing Time has come to! I haven't bought and tried it out yet, but GOG is a great company for re-releasing old PC games digitally. I've bought many of their releases and they've been around for a while and show no signs of slowing, so I feel much more comfortable recommending this than Zoom, which I had never heard of.


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Re: Killing Time (PC) re-released on!

Post by Austin » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:21 am

Hell yes! Thank you for the heads up. I'm going to pick it up in the coming weeks. :)

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Re: Killing Time (PC) re-released on!

Post by a31chris » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:50 am

Late to the party but oh man!
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