Anyone wanna mod my US NTSC FZ-10 for RGB? (and cable?)

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Anyone wanna mod my US NTSC FZ-10 for RGB? (and cable?)

Post by Anonymous » Mon Jul 04, 2011 5:02 pm

Hi, ive been wanting to have my fz10 output RGB for a while now, and i was gonna talk to the guy at otakus-store. Ive seen some of his mod work and it looks nice and well made.

He does/did offer the 3DO rgb service, as seen here:

However, upon translating the french into english, it seems he's put all mod work on hold, ( to focus on just selling stuff, which basically made me move back to square one..

So im looking for someone with experience doing this on a fz-10, and doing a nice clean job of it, not letting cables lay loose all over the place like in this video:

But more something like this:

A nice clean job..

I would like to keep it to shipping my console within europe if i can, to keep down on shipping costs. But if i have to, ill consider worldwide.

If anyone know of a reputable guy who does nice clean jobs, who isnt too expensive, or if someone on this forum is this guy, please reply or send me a pm. I do not have ANY soldering skill or equipment, nor knowledge of components needed, so please dont just tell me its easy to do yourself.

Thanks and regards,

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