Death Rally

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Death Rally

Post by Jones » Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:37 am

Quote from Wikipedia:

"In May 2009 programmer Jari Komppa got in contact with Remedy, volunteering to prepare an open-source release of Death Rally. While releasing the game as open-source could not be agreed upon, Komppa instead started working on porting the game to modern Microsoft Windows systems. In consequence of his work, Remedy released Death Rally as freeware on 20 October 2009."

Actually I contacted the guys from Remedy back in summer 2006,
asking if they would release the source code for a homebrew,
none-commercial 3DO port, since the game seems to fit very well
to the 3DO's hardware (2D combined with some simple 3D polygonal objects, great sound).
Their answer was no, due to their contracts with Apogee - but they
said that it was an interesting, nice idea and they personally liked
the 3DO machine.

Anyway, still a great game!
And the upcoming remake really wants me to have an iPhone/iPad
(check out the trailer on youtube)! :)

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