New Cannon Fodder copy creates Red screen on my jaguar.

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New Cannon Fodder copy creates Red screen on my jaguar.

Post by Anonymous » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:12 pm

I dont know how many of you frequent the jaguar II sector forums, but i posted this there, and maybe some of you can help, or have info too, since aparently many of you also like the jaguar. I copied my post there into this one:

My disapointment is high.. I have been waiting for this old classic to arrive from MyAtari for nearly two weeks, and finally today it did. I carefully cut the plastic wrap open by the flap, and brought out the game cartridge. Pushed it into my awaiting Jaguar and.... red screen.

I proceeded to test my other 4 games, since last time i played the jaguar, Brutal Sports Football, it worked just fine. Yep, all three of my other games, BSF, Cybermorph and Kazumi Ninja started up just fine. Tried Cannon Fodder again. Red screen.

I have tried inserting it from different angles, straight in, wiggling it in, trying to keep it center, or to each side. Nothing helps. Have i purchased a lemon, or does Cannon Fodder have issues with Pal machines? I dont understand whats going on, since the CF cartridge is brand new out of a sealed box, looks brand new on the contacts, and my Jaguar hardly sees any use, other than BSF which ive left in more or less untouched since last summer.

I did a google search and an atariage thread also discusses this, but they suggest sanding down the contacts which is something id rather try to avoid. So want to play CF but Red screen wont let me.. Anyone got any advice for me before i contact MyAtari?

Thanks and Regards,

Edit: found an old eraser which actually has helped it work, somewhat. If i insert the left corner, facing the label, first and then push the rest in i get most consistant working. If i do the right side first, i almost always get the red screen. I shall pick up a new eraser from the store tomorrow, so i can get better access around the contacts and work it over better. Hopefully that will make it work consistantly!

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Post by Trev » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:01 pm

The Jag version of CF is known to be buggy & glitchy, perahps it stems from that.
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Post by Anonymous » Mon Jun 11, 2012 11:12 pm

I didnt know that, but i did see an improvement after the advice to use an eraser.. I had just cleaned it with isopropyl prior to that with no luck. The game is brand new so i dont see why either would help, but the eraser has.

Myatari has already offered to exchange it if it doent work, so ill see what consistancy i can get first.

Thanks for the input either way. Hopefully the bugs and glitches wont take away too much from the gameplay. I did a couple of missions earlier, and although its a little quirky to use the d-pad, i think i played it on the amiga back in the day, it was nice and fun as i remembered it. Some games are better left remembering than re-living, this wasnt one of them!

Edit: Myatari has been really quick and easy to deal with, he told me to not mess with the cartridge any further than i already have. He will test and send me a new one asap instead.


Post by Anonymous » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:45 pm

Just recieved my replacement cartridge, and its running flawlessly.

I got the other one working, but abit finicky. Im raffling it off at jaguar sector 2 forums, in case someone here is somewhat active there too. Go have a look!

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