I confess ... Cybermorph is actually good.

It does float! And doesn't get soggy in milk! :)

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I confess ... Cybermorph is actually good.

Post by Trev » Mon May 17, 2010 2:52 am

15+ yrs later I've finally found the patience to stick w/this game. And it actually is good ... much to my genuine surprise! Strangley addictive too, and one of the few games that I play to get a high score.

Awful ugly though ...

Still, I'm kinda hooked on it and am making progress. Plenty to gripe about (not here though, maybe in a review) but a good game buried under the ugly visuals. Off to play some more ...
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Re: I confess ... Cybermorph is actually good.

Post by a31chris » Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:54 am

Its a decent shooter/flyer game IMO and back in 94 it was impressive with all the polygons flying around at you. There was not much like it at the time. And some of the bosses they put a little thought into with their weaknesses and such. I remember stopping at one spot where I had gotten where the missiles could not hit me that were being fired and I just stayed there and marveled at all the stuff on the screen at once. At the time I did not know what the difference was between polygons and bitmaps. What I was seeing was polygons. Missiles made out of polygons and the screen was full of them flying at me. I don't remember much slowdown but if there was it was still impressive for 93/94.

It was praised for what it was at the time which was being a game that was sorta one of the first of its kind and unlike anything before it. This was all the game mags praising this game when it came out. Then a year later when the ps1 and such started arriving and Atari was clearly dropping the ball on delivering software all these magazines changed their tune as if they never said anything good about Cybermorph ever. Sad really. You plunk your money down on these magazines hoping they won't lie to you but they do.

BattleMorph on the other hand was a huge disappointment in my opinion. Only a marginal bit of extra effort expended. Just token gestures to make it 'different'. Some were cool. The water levels. Other than that with stuff like Warhawk now out there BattleMorph came off as lazy, uninspired and goofy. A flying hammer that bonks enemies until they succumb? Shut the *()*&(* up.
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