Iron Soldier.

It does float! And doesn't get soggy in milk! :)

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Iron Soldier.

Post by 3DOKid » Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:59 am

Is there a comparison of the version 2s somewhere? There is the CD version, which I have, the CD version GOLD and the cart version.

What's the difference?

If I'm honest I preferred the look of Iron Soldier 1, since the textures in 2 are hard on the eye.

Has anyone play Iron Soldier 3 on the Playstation? Is it any good? Did it take advantage of the Playstations extra grunt or is it rubbish.

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Post by KevInCal » Sun Jul 26, 2009 4:23 pm

The only difference is the CD version has a CG intro and cutscenes and higher quality music from the CD. Same game otherwise. :)

I also like Iron Soldier 1 more than 2 because IS1 is not hard as nails like IS2 is, even on the easy setting.. :shock:

I have IS3 on the PS. I haven't played it a lot. It has a long kickass intro. Seems ok from what I played. There's also an NUON version with a bit better graphics etc., but it's rare and $$$$$$$$$$$$.

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Post by Austin » Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:46 am

Old thread, but I thought I'd put my two-cents in here. Iron Soldier 3 is my personal favorite in the series. The entire game is texture-mapped, giving it the consistent look IS2 didn't have. Gameplay is quicker, and there are many more types of upgrades. It keeps the same kind of industrial-esque soundtrack, but beefs it up and it's a little more edgy.. and of course, it's just about CD quality (always a plus). Oh yeah, the best part about it--It's cheap, too.

The NUON version is also great, essentially the same game with smoother visuals (Think at least in-between N64 and DC quality, versus PSX quality). Obviously though, it's not worth the collector's price.

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