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by Dan Iacovelli
Fri May 09, 2014 12:05 am
Forum: Atari Jaguar forum
Topic: Midwest Gaming Classic
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Re: Midwest Gaming Classic

Saw my name mentioned and misspelled as well
yes,if possible I'm the guy to contact about the possibility
of Jagfest at MGC. if you want to be part of it next year let
me know.
by Dan Iacovelli
Thu May 08, 2014 11:45 pm
Forum: 3DO Main Forum
Topic: Introduce yourself.
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Re: Introduce yourself.

Hey all, I'm new to this forum not a great follower of 3DO, but heard about your Jaguar section and I like to be anyplace that talks about atari in general.
to answer the question: yes I'm one the main guy that keeps jagfest alive in the states at MGC and at my show Video game summit.